Lighting Technicians and Lighting Technician Helpers - 1,000-1,500 for 10 days of work

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Need to hire 20 people for contract position at a large Decorah business to help replace all of the lightbulbs in the business. Monday through Friday starting 5/14 and ending 5/27 or upon project completion. Technicians will be responsible for installing lamps, ballasts and other lighting components and must be able to climb ladders, scaffolding and lift equipment. Must be able to assemble and install lighting retrofit kits. Must have high school diploma or equivalent and lighting/electrical is helpful but not required. Helpers will assist the technician and are considered "spotters". They perform setup and cleanup tasks, unpacking materials, staging fixtures, help move equipment and perform labor support for the technicians. This can be a great stepping stone for a full time position with Galaxy One as a Fiber Technician or Satellite Technician that has excellent pay and benefits.

To Apply:

Please send an email to

Please email contact information and/or resume or call Katie at 319-431-2120.

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